Versa Collection - NEW!

The Versa comes in four bold jewel tone lacquer finishes with shiny chrome accents.  The rich colors of this collection are inspired by the Marquis by Waterford Vintage Jewels glassware collection.  The ball pen features a push top cap for one handed operation and the roller ball has a snap cap.  Both take standard refills.

This pen can be personalized.

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versa-green-roller-ball-web   versa-green-ball-pen-web

versa-red-capped-web    versa-red-ball-pen-web
versa-blue-roller-ball-web     versa-blue-ball-pen-web versa-purple-roller-ball-web     versa-purple-ball-pen-web

Versa Green Finish
Roller BallWM/743/GRN
Ball Pen – WM/742/GRN

Versa Red Finish
Roller BallWM/743/RED
Ball PenWM/742/RED

Versa Blue Finish
Roller BallWM/743/BLU
Ball PenWM/742/BLU

Versa Purple Finish
Roller BallWM/743/PPL
Ball PenWM/742/PPL