Medieval Colonnette 


By about 1300, the city of Cologne held Germany’s largest urban population and one of its most prolific artistic centers. Brilliant enamels from 12th-century Cologne bear witness to the importance of the church in the cultural life of the city. A group of medieval enamels in the Museum’s collection were once part of the massive reliquary shrines that lavishly decorated the interiors of Cologne’s churches; some of these reliquary fragments resemble small-scale door arches, columns, and capitals. Adorned with intricate champlevé enamel, a colonnette, or miniature column, from this group was made in Cologne about 1175–1200. This richly decorated colonnette is the basis for our handsome pen design.

The Medieval Colonnette fountain pen has a medium German made gold plated bi-color steel nib and comes with a standard cartridge and convertor.  Both fountain pen and roller ball have twist caps.  The ball pen twists to open and close.  The roller ball and ball pen take standard refills.

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Fountain Pen – MM/2210/MCL
Roller Ball – MM/2203/MCL
Ball Pen – MM/2202/MCL