Samurai Dragon 

The swords used by Japan’s powerful samurai rulers are widely recognized as masterpieces of the metalworker’s art.

The famous Goto school of sword-fittings makers was established in the 15th century.  Succeeding generations of Goto masters focused on small decorative sword fittings, such as the kozuka (utility knife handle), kogai (a skewerlike tool) and menuki (a pair of grip ornaments).  Their work is characterized by painterly designs carved in high relief on a rich, black metal ground, accented in gold and silver.  The Metropolitans Museum’s collection houses an exquisite mitokoromo, or set of matching sword fittings, created by each of the first 15 generations of masters of the main Goto school.  Our pen motif is taken from a sinuous dragon – a sign of good fortune – on a kozuka inscribed by Goto Mitsutaka (1722-1784), the 13th-generation Goto master.

The Samurai Dragon pen comes in a roller ball and ball pen.  The roller ball has a snap cap and the ball pen twists to open.  The roller ball and ball pen take standard refills.

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Roller Ball - MM/8003/SDG
Ball Pen - MM/8002/SDG





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