Louis Comfort Tiffany Mosaic Column


Among the masterpieces of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) were two majestic columns inlaid with a mosaic whose tesserae, or small squares, harked back to Byzantine and Roman art.  This slender column of a pen captures the same shimmery brilliance of the originals, shot through with the blue and gold tesserae that Louis C. Tiffany patterned. The original columns are part of the Museum’s collection. This column—rich, graceful, understated—can be part of yours.

The Louis Comfort Tiffany Mosaic Column Pen comes in a roller ball and ball pen.  The roller ball has a snap cap and the ball pen twists to open. The roller ball and ball pen take standard refills.

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Roller Ball – MM/7003/TMC
Ball Pen – MM/7002/TMC