Elizabethan Armor

Elizabeth was on the throne, Shakespeare was on the stage – and George Clifford, the Third Earl of Cumberland (1558-1605), was a knight in brilliantly shining armor.  Our gold-plated pen interprets his richly embellished armor, which was forged in the Royal Workshops at Greenwich and is remarkably well preserved some five centuries later.  It featured Elizabeth Tudor’s insignia (two E’s mirroring each other), the Tudor rose, and fleur-de-lis, which was then part of the English coat of arms.  Clifford was made the Queen’s Champion in 1590; the design of this pen, with a medium-weight brass barrel and snap cap is adapted from his splendid armor in the Metropolotian Museum’s collection.

The Elizabethan Armor fountain pen has a medium German made gold plated bi-color steel nib and comes with a standard cartridge and convertor.  Both fountain pen and roller ball have snap caps.  The ball pen twists to open and close.  The roller ball and ball pen take standard refills.


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Fountain Pen – MM/9010/EA
Roller Ball – MM/9003/EA
Ball Pen – MM/9002/EA







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