Metro Collection

The Metro comes in blue lacquer with chrome accents, black lacquer with chrome accents or gold accents, matte black lacquer with polished black accents, and a chrome finish with gold accents.  All writing modes feature a spring loaded clip and the roller ball has a snap cap.  The ball pen twists to open and the pencil twists to advance the lead.  All modes take standard refills and the pencil takes 0.7mm lead.  The Metro comes packaged in a beautiful black lacquered wood box.

This pen can be personalized.

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Metro Blue Finish
WM/831/BE/C Roller Ball
WM/821/BE/C Ball Pen
WM/827/BE/C Ball Pen and Roller Ball Set


Metro Black Finish
WM/831/BK/C Roller Ball
WM/821/BK/C Ball Pen
WM/827/BK/C Ball Pen/Roller Ball Set


Metro Black Finish 
WM/831/BK/G Roller Ball
WM/821/BK/G Ball Pen


Metro Chrome Finish
WM/831/CH/G Roller Ball
WM/821/CH/G Ball Pen
WM/827/CH/G Ball Pen and Roller Ball Set


Metro Stealth 
WM/831/STH Roller Ball
WM/821/STH Ball Pen
WM/827/STH  Ball Pen and Roller Ball Set