Otto Hutt - Series 2

Classic styling and traditional craftsmanship define the writing instruments in Series 2. The designs: Bi-color in sterling silver with gold accents, a Honeycomb guilloche in solid sterling, and a Striped pattern in sterling silver are elegant with a heft characteristic of solid sterling barrels and caps.

• Otto Hutt pens are 100% German made.
• The Bi-color variation cap and barrel are 925 sterling silver with 23K gold plating on the clip and barrel ends.
• The Honeycomb and Striped pattern pens have an engraving window for personalization.
• The fountain pen and roller ball have twist caps. The ball pen twists to open and close.
• The clip is platinum plated steel.
• The fountain pen is available with a fine, medium or broad German made steel nib.
• 18K gold German made nibs in fine, medium and broad are available by special order – please contact Hampton-Haddon Marketing Corp. for pricing.
• All modes take standard refills.
• A unique six-digit serial number is engraved into each cap, a mark of true craftsmanship and authenticity.
• Otto Hutt writing instruments come with a 1 year limited warranty.

These pens can be personalized. 
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Bi-Color Sterling Silver and Gold

Fountain Pen -- HT/20500/PSG/F  HT/20500/PSG/M  HT/20500/PSG/B 
Roller Ball -- HT/20513/PSG
Ball Pen -- HT/20492/PSG



Sterling Silver Honeycomb Pattern

Fountain Pen -- HT/20530/SSH/F  HT/20530/SSH/M  HT/20530/SSH/B 

Roller Ball -- HT/20543/SSH
Ball Pen -- HT/20522/SSH



Sterling Silver Pinstripe Pattern

Fountain Pen -- HT/20460/SPN/M  HT/20460/SPN/M  HT/20460/SPN/B

Roller Ball -- HT/20483/SPN

Ball Pen -- HT/20442/SPN