Otto Hutt - Series 3

Crafted by a sophisticated laser engraving process, Series 3 features two unique caps – a Monogram pattern and a Geometric Rectangle pattern on 925 sterling silver.  The body of the pen comes in four finishes, 925 sterling silver, 925 sterling silver with gold accents, light blue lacquer and a golden laquer.  The clean lines and the comfortable feel in the hand embrace the most basic tenants of Bauhaus design.

• Otto Hutt pens are 100% German made.
• The Monogram pattern has a whimsical repeat of the Otto Hutt name on the cap. The Geometric Rectangle pattern is a clean and sophisticated arrangement of various size rectangles on the cap.
• The silver variation cap and barrel are made of 925 sterling silver with meticulously polished surfaces.
• The bicolor variation cap and barrel are 925 sterling silver with 23K gold plating on the clip and barrel ends.
• The light blue barrel is polished brass that is then platinum plated. The golden lacquer is polished brass that is then gold plated. Several layers of transparent and polishing lacquer are applied giving these pens a special brilliance.
• The fountain pen and roller ball have snap caps and the ball pen twists to open and close.
• The clip is platinum plated steel.
• The fountain pen is available with a fine, medium or broad German made steel nib. 
• 18K gold German made nibs in fine, medium and broad are available by special order – please contact Hampton-Haddon Marketing Corp.for pricing.
• All modes take standard refills.
• A unique six-digit serial number is engraved into each cap, a mark of true craftsmanship and authenticity.
• Otto Hutt writing instruments come with a 1 year limited warranty.



Monogram Pattern Cap and
Polished Sterling Silver Barrel

Fountain Pen --
Roller Ball -- HT/35403/SPM
Ball Pen -- HT/35852/SPM


Geometric Rectangle Sterling Cap with
Gold Accents and Polished Sterling Barrel

Fountain Pen --
Roller Ball -- HT/35703/SGR
Ball Pen -- HT/336102/SGR


Geometric Rectangle Sterling Cap with
Blue Lacquered Barrel


Fountain Pen --
Roller Ball -- HT/35603/MBR
Ball Pen -- HT/36002/MBR



Geometric Rectangle Sterling Silver Cap
with Golden Lacquer Barrel


Fountain Pen --
Roller Ball -- HT/35503/HVR
Ball Pen -- HT/34802/HVR