These specially crafted Waterford resin pens provide a lovely weight and size – perfectly balanced with a clean, elegant design.  The Pallas Marsala was inspired by the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year.  Its rich burgundy tone adds an updated splash of color to a classic design. The accents and clip are chrome plated.  The crown of the cap is engraved with the iconic Waterford star cut. The fountain pen features a firm and smooth medium German made bi-color steel nib and takes a standard cartridge or convertor.  Both fountain pen and roller ball have twist caps.  The roller ball takes a standard roller ball refill.  The ball pen twists to open and takes a standard ballpoint refill.

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Fountain Pen - WF/550/BLK
Roller Ball - WF/553/BLK
Ball Pen - WF/552/BLK

Fountain Pen - WF/550/MLA
Roller Ball - WF/553/MLA
Ball Pen - WF/552/MLA


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