Below are common questions often asked about writing instruments.  If you should have other questions please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help.

Q:  Why is a pen a great gift?
A:  Pens are beautiful and functional.  They show good taste for women and men.  A pen is perfect whether in a personal or corporate environment.  People nearly always appreciate receiving a new pen on any special occasion.

Q:  When should I give a pen as a gift?
A:  A pen is an appropriate gift for nearly any occasion, including, but not limited to: birthday, bridesmaid’s gift, Father’s (or Mother’s) Day, end of the year teachers’ presents, graduation, groomsmen’s thank you, new job, promotion, corporate service award…etc…

Q:  What is the best pen to give as a gift?
A:  Rollerballs and ballpoints are easy gifts that everyone can appreciate.  Fountain pens are quite special and make excellent gifts for anyone who truly enjoys putting pen to paper.  Medium nibs are generally given as gifts.

Q:  Can most pens be engraved?
A:  Many of the pens we produce can be engraved or personalized.  And, if the pen cannot be engraved, a beautiful personalized box can be arranged.  Please call us for details if you are considering giving a pen as a gift.  

Q:  Gold vs. steel nib?
A:  The main difference between a solid gold nib and modern stainless steel nibs is flexibility.  There is more flexibility with gold = ability to put more pressure on the point, creating variation in line width.  Stainless steel offers corrosion protection.  Affordability also comes into play given that gold is a precious metal, it will add significantly to the price of a pen – in many cases quadrupling the cost of the pen.  

Q:  What’s the difference between a ball pen and a rollerball?
A:  Ball pens are filled with an viscous ink that is less likely to dry out over time.  A ball pen refill will last for approximately 300 legal-size pages of writing or about 10,000 meters.  Rollerballs use a water-based ink that produces a smoother feel when writing, but can dry up if left uncapped (much like a fountain pen).  Rollerball refills last for approximately 30 legal-size pages of writing or about 1,000 meters.

Q:  How do I clean my clothes in the event that I get ink on them?
A:  Fountain Pen / Rollerball: Good laundry detergent and a stain remover should work on most fountain pen ink.  Do not put the clothing in the dryer until you are sure the stain has been removed.  Ball Pen: Ball pen ink is very difficult to remove, but you might have success trying hairspray or alcohol.  

Q:  My fountain pen skips when I write with it, what’s wrong?
A:  Sediment can build up over prolonged use.  To improve writing quality, first clean the pen to see if that solves the problem.  Next try a different ink.  Then, if it still skips, contact an experienced pen repair person.  80% of all fountain pen “repairs” are really no more than a good cleaning.